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Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020


1.Magnetic hill Of Ladakh India and Moncton New Brunswick 

  •     The Magnetic Hill of Leh which is located in Ladakh Is something which we cannot imagine. A magnetic force is there which has surrounded the area completely and everyone assumes such behaviors from the side of nature which we individual cannot expect. In Ladakh, the hill road is actually a downhill road. If someone leaves any circular thing which should roll down but due to the magnetic force the object whether a car or any other rolls upwards opposite to the force of gravity. The same thing is happening in Moncton the area is surrounded by the Magnetic force all around. The scientists and researchers have tried their best from 1918-1920 but till now they are unable to give the proper reason what it's actually happening and why.  
Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

2.Catatumbo in ologa Venezuela 

  • The catatumbo lightning is one of the most unpredictable and most confusing nature phenomena. In Catatumbo the lightning happens after every minute if talk of consistency. The major part of lightning falls on the lakes, trees and other capturing areas. On average the lightning touches 280 times per hour.

Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

3.The Skeleton lake India

  • The Skeleton Lake is in Roopkund in the Indian state of Uttarkhand. The place is named Skeleton lake because after every snowfall when the snow melts it is found that there are various skeletons that are found in the area. Many believe that the skeletons are of the Soldiers that get killed in wars like world war 2.
Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

4.Blood falls in Antarctica

  • In Antarctica there are no of glaciers among all of them there is a glacier that is red in color and when it melts give red water that is named as Blood fall. Many people have given many reasons some say that it contains an excess of iron that is why its color becomes red some say that it's because of reactions between sulfur and iron.

Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

5.Death Valley California 

  • As we know death valley is known for the purpose like the name but one thing that is much weirder and mysterious about death valley is that there is a stone that moves from one place to another without any force without other internal strength. An ordinary stone steals on the surface without any force but nobody knows what's the reason behind all this. The scientists are in search of all the mysteries but are failing again and again but are trying also for the best results.

Top most Mysterious Places on Earth 2020

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